United World Technologies was founded by a team of experienced international business consultants in response to the needs, opportunities and challenges facing Eastern European countries. UWT was formed to leverage U.S. developed IT solutions and technologies in software infrastructure, cybersecurity, biometrics, utilities, telecom and social media.

Today, United World Technologies is an export and representation liaison that fosters and executes sale transactions for U.S. and Israeli companies with unique software products. UWT connects suppliers and customers to provide support-services needed to fulfill orders throughout a program’s life-cycle, including follow-up orders. Our team is well versed in export and import requirements, financial reporting, and other legal obligations that are binding to U.S. and companies of other countries.

Our Values:

  • Conducting business in a transparent manner
  • Providing quality¬†and timely performance, which is cost-effective
  • Fostering teamwork between customers and clients
  • Building lasting business partnerships
  • Supporting clients through international marketing