United World Technologies

United World Technologies is a leading representation and export-assistance IT services firm located in Maryland, USA.

United World Technologies specializes in expanding the reach of U.S companies in the banking, fintech, information technology, energy, telecommunications and healthcare fields. We work in Ukraine, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and other countries around the world.


  • UWT provides willing and able buyers for producers of unique software in banking, fintech and other verticals
  • Translation support during contract negotiation
  • Direct access to executives and decision makers in targeted countries
  • Inside perspective on needs and investment opportunities
  • Exclusive access to suppliers on the ground
  • Expertise on import and export regulations and requirements in each country represented.
  • Continued customer support before, during and after the process of negotiations and contracts.


“In my position as Secretary of State, I have worked with the executives of UWT for the past few years…I trust in their ability to foster continuing good relations with companies that do business within USA, Ukraine as well as CIS countries.”

~John P. McDonough,
Former Secretary of State of Maryland