Our People


Sergey Tarasenko
[email protected]

Mr. Tarasenko is the CEO of United World Technologies, LLC with over 20 years experience in the IT business. Sergey spends most of his time traveling all over the world meeting and supporting his clients, developing new opportunities,pursues and coming up with new business solutions. He pursues large established CIS IT companies and presents them with proven American-made products in the health, transportation, infrastructure, and security industries. In addition to UWT, Mr. Tarasenko is the CEO at Egar Technology, Ukraine. Previous experiences include Chairman of the Board of Sitronics, Ukraine, General Manager of Kvazar-Micro, and Project Manager at Ukrainian Consulting Group. Mr. Tarasenko is a gold member of IBM and Oracle, providing localization of their products in CIS countries. Born in Ukraine, he is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and English.

He has a Masters degree from the National Aerospace University – Kharkiv Aviation Institute in Ukraine. Mr. Tarasenko also holds a Masters degree in Business from the Uni Kassel International Management School in Germany.

Paula Kipperman
[email protected]

Mrs. Kipperman has comprehensive experience in assisting foreign customers in finding products and investment opportunities in the United States. Previously, Kipperman worked as an EDS (Electronic Data Systems) liaison between the Federal Government and private insurance companies. In addition, she sold hardware and software to the Federal Government. She trained her customers to use the software which she sold. She has served as a highly successful sales representative for IT&T, selling commercial and residential properties in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, as well as in Florida.  Mrs. Kipperman started, developed, and managed several successful companies where she held the positions of CEO and CFO. She is knowledgeable and creative in obtaining financing for various projects in the international sector.

Born in Ukraine, she keeps in close touch with market conditions there. Mrs. Kipperman holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Russian literature from the University of Maryland and she speaks seven languages.

Ehinomen Iyayi
IT Support Technician
[email protected]
Ehinomen Iyayi is an IT Specialist with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He has provided technology support services, systems analysis, maintenance, database management, web design and quality assurance for United World Technologies. He has also been a customer service representative for UWT, maintaining communication lines between the business and clients, and has helped the business staff understand technology more.

Mr. Iyayi has worked in various industries, including education, health and Artificial/Virtual Reality. His experience at various companies and in different industries provided him with the knowledge and skills that he works with today.
Jarred Silverman
Research Analyst [email protected]
Jarred Silverman, born in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, has the following qualifications. He completed a marketing degree at the College of Charleston, SC. He has had several successful marketing campaigns. He developed business for Lyft Inc, where through his efforts business increased from 18% to 40% state-wide. Jarred is knowledgeable in social media usage and tendencies. He will work diligently to deliver quality content to his current and potential clients. In addition, Jarred created an E-Commerce apparel company, “Bella Ciao”, which focused on addressing social issues as well as uniting people. Jarred received first price for his efforts as well as monetary reward.

Jarred understands communication and content delivery as well as consumer behavior. This was demonstrated when he pitched a hypothetical venture of a 3D refrigerator, which would aid people with physical disabilities, to access their food.