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Attention Potential New Clients!

UWT is highly qualified and experienced in opening up new companies here in United States for enterprises with unique software products. We have a highly skilled team of professionals, who can guide and advise your team every step of the way.

If you have proven unique software and are interested in opening up a new division of your company in USA or patenting your product here, we can help you in this process.

Please contact us by email at

Or by phone at 301-661-0220.

Attention U.S. Companies with Unique Proven Software Products!

If you have unique, proven software technologies that can be used in the banking, fintech, information technology, utilities, logistics and healthcare industries, and are willing and able to export your software overseas, then UWT can help you in this process.

Please contact us by email at 

Or by phone at 301-661-0220.